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Want your tweets to be retweeted more frequently? A researcher recently studied the New York Times Twitter account for three months and determined several qualities that were common in highly-retweeted posts. For example, updates without links get 1.74 more retweets. For more of Nick Diakopoulos’ findings, read the full study.

Google announced a new algorithm tweak this week – one that will lower a website’s ranking if Google believes it is providing a bad user experience. This tweak is aimed especially at ads that fall “above the fold” on a website. The “Page Layout algorithmic improvement” will affect up to 1% of Google’s three billion daily searches.

For those who manage social media sites for brands with a global reach, one of the most difficult aspects can be monitoring sentiment across a variety of languages. Many professionals may be familiar with Google Alerts, but did you know that you can alter language settings to ensure you’re getting the most news? Over at Search Engine Watch, writer Christian Arno rounds up services and tips for monitoring online reputation in several languages. Though this has already been posted on the RepEquity Twitter feed, it’s certainly worth another look. One Microsoft developer evangelist, Martin Beeby, went out and researched the origins of the numerous web browsers in use today. For example, the name Opera was chosen because it is an internationally recognized word, it’s associated with quality and high standards, and it’s fun. Wondering where the name of your Web browser came from? Take a look at Beeby’s blog post.

Have you ever wondered how often people actually donate via text? It’s probably higher than you think. The Pew Research Center recently released a study it conducted based on the donations made to the Red Cross’ Relief Fund in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. It showed that nearly one in 10 Americans have donated via text message. Of those who donated to Haiti, 73 percent donated on the day they heard about the Red Cross campaign and 76 percent did little research before making their donation.

There are roughly seven billion people in the world, and nearly one-seventh of them will be on Facebook by August. A digital marketing firm in London is predicting that Facebook will jump from its current membership total of 800 million to the one billion mark just in time for its IPO.


In the fall of this year, New York City will open its first software engineering high school, enrolling 400-500 ninth graders in its first year. Called the Software Engineering Academy, the school will be headed by Mike Zamansky, who previously taught computer coding at another New York high school. The school’s goal is to fill the void for computer software engineers in the United States’ workforce, one of the country’s fastest growing industries..

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