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Friday Facts

The IPO filing by Facebook on Wednesday didn’t just benefit the social networking company; many companies that have associations to the tech industry saw their stocks surge residually. On Thursday, Zynga’s stock rose 16.84 percent in trading and finished the day at $12.39 per share. This increase will only help Facebook in the long run as the company takes a 30 percent cut of all virtual goods sounds through Zynga games like Farmville and CityVille. Groupon, Netflix and Pandora also saw an increase in the price of their stock on Thursday.

The importance of search engines in the shopping and purchasing decisions amongst Americans is well-understood in today’s marketing, search and social industries. Facebook and other social media networks, however, are quickly gaining more influence over users who are shopping around. Brands take note: In a recent survey, 42 percent of participants said that they currently follow or have friended a brand on a social networking site. The study also showed that almost one in five individuals now look to Facebook to learn information about a brand or product.

Google France and Google Inc. have been ordered to pay $660,000 in damages to a French company called Bottin Cartographies after a commercial court found Google guilty of unfair competition. The cartography company protested against the free Google Maps service, saying the company does this to undercut competitors and to try to control the market. Bottin Cartographies offers a paid service that is very similar to Google Maps. Google has previously been fined in France for the search suggestions it proposes for certain keywords.

Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Google have teamed up to limit the number of suspicious, phishing emails that make it to your inbox. The companies created, also known as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, a technical specification that will provide consistent authentication results across the most popular email platforms. If successful, it would mean that those emails offering cheap medicine or free vacations won’t even make it to your inbox. Learn more about the initiative from Mashable Business.

We recently tweeted about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s goal to learn how to code in 2012. He’s not alone, over 100,000 people signed up for Codecademy’s New Years resolution class and over 1 million people have used the service since it started. Now, Codecademy has launched a tool that allows any users to create coding classes that will be published on the site.

A few weeks ago, we shared that Google’s mobile ad revenue is expected to double in 2012. This week, Google released new data that reveals the growth of mobile search ads and formats. In the past two years, mobile search has grown five-fold. And since August of last year, the search engine company has seen more than a 50 percent increase in the number of AdWords advertisers with mobile optimized sites.

If you haven’t read enough about Facebook this week, All Facebook published 10 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Right Now. We know that Facebook is worth a lot of money, but how does it shape up against Internet competition? Not only does Facebook win 9 percent of all visits online, but it wins one of every five page views.

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