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Two online marketers were shut down Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission for selling weight-loss products on fake news sites. The two companies, Coulomb and Copeac, will be fined millions of dollars for misleading consumers. An FTC statement said that, in the future, companies will have to “make clear when their commercial messages are advertisements rather than legitimate journalism” – an important message for marketers to note whether you’re selling acai berry weight-loss supplements or not.

If you’re looking to increase the number of accounts you follow on Twitter, Time Magazine has your answer. This week, the magazine’s social media editor compiled a list of Twitter feeds that are influencing conversations online in 2012. It consists of exactly 140 accounts, appropriate given the number of characters available for tweets.

It’s springtime again, which means college seniors are graduating en masse. But be careful when you’re hiring – a recent study revealed that 92 percent of college students admitted to lying on their resumes. What should businesses do to avoid this? Look at a job-seekers LinkedIn profile; people are less likely to lie online according to researchers at Cornell University.

Do you ever wonder why people may choose not to follow you back on Twitter? Mashable has a list of eight possible reasons why – including that you may have some sort of polarizing aspect in your bio. Make sure to read and adjust your profile accordingly.

As Google tends to favor its own properties more and more, the difference between taking the time to optimize your YouTube video and not could have drastic effects. This week, Ragan’s PR Daily offered a fantastic step-by-step SEO guide for YouTube videos – a can’t-miss for individuals who are promoting their videos and pages without help from an SEO agency.

While the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is still more than two years away, organizers (namely, FIFA) are taking steps to integrate the tournament into mobile and social arenas. This week, FIFA launched a YouTube channel that will feature items like highlights from past World Cups, media events and more leading up to the tournament. The Brazilian national tourism board has also launched a mobile game app that they hope will help visitors to the country become familiar with the 12 cities hosting World Cup games in 2014.

And lastly, RepEquity is happy to announce that we launched our Facebook Timeline this week. If you’re not a fan yet, we’d love if you liked us over there. Happy weekend!.

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