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RepEquity Friday Facts

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars? Well it seems that they weren’t the only party interested in the photo-sharing app. The Federal Trade Commission has spoken with both Twitter and Google following Facebook’s acquisition. While it’s not clear why the FTC wanted to speak to these social networks, rumors have indicated that they were also interested in bidding for Instagram. This knowledge may be the reason why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg completed the Instagram deal so quickly and quietly.

As more companies begin to offer easy mobile-payment services, some countries are more prepared for the technology than others. According to MasterCard’s Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI), the most prepared markets are in Singapore, Canada, the United States, Kenya and South Korea.

Domain name squatting is something we’re quite familiar with here at RepEquity. Engaging with someone who owns a domain name you’re after can be a seriously frustrating process. If you’re a company like Apple, though, it’s a lot easier. The company recently filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations agency that protects intellectual property, including cases of alleged cybersquatting. Apple asked the agency to shut down and hand over the domain

No more complaining when Google+ outranks your Facebook profile! According to a report (commissioned by Google) from professor Eugene Volokh, an expert on constitutional and Internet law, search engines are legally allowed under the First Amendment to give priority to self-promoting results in search. Google says it does not prioritize its own products in search results, but that the Google products appear in search results because they’re either the most relevant results or because they offer data relevant to a search query.

Are today’s Millennials the most engaged or distracted generation? According to Adora Svitak, a 14-year-old author, educator and speaker at last week’s Mashable Connect, today’s kids, teens and young adults are more engaged than ever. Mashable has a great article on the topic.

Next to complaints about Facebook’s ever-changing design are gripes about the network’s policy changes and updates. This week, Facebook aggregated all their policies and updates into once section, the “Facebook Terms and Policies Hub” located at The topics mentioned cover Facebook’s privacy policies as well as the company’s position on controversial Internet topics like hate speech, bullying and intellectual property.

As Google and Apple continue to move in separate directions regarding their mobile devices, Apple has announced that it will replace Google Maps with its own product that it has developed after years of acquiring smaller mapping companies. The new maps will debut with iOS 6, expected later this year..

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