Friday Facts from RepEquity

RepEquity's Friday Facts

Life, liberty and the Internet? According to a United Nations’ Human Rights Council resolution passed Tuesday, Internet access and online freedom of expression are now considered basic human rights. All 47 members of the Human Rights Council, including China and Cuba, signed the resolution.

What do your brand’s colors have to do with its reputation? This fascinating infographic shows that a company’s colors can influence 60 to 80 percent of customer’s buying decision. RepEquity’s red color signifies energy and aggression and can be seen as both attention-grabbing and provocative.

School may be out for kids around the country, but not for the U.S. Congress. This summer, Facebook’s DC office offered Congressional offices some tips for how to keep their constituents engaged during the summer.

The record for sports-related tweets per second was broken during Sunday’s 2012 Euro Cup final. When Spain scored its fourth and final goal of the game, tweets per second exceeded 15,000. A data visualization scientist at Twitter, Nicholas Belmonte created a comprehensive visual summary of the entire tournament.

It may be a far-fetched goal to compile a thorough history of the Internet, but this interactive graphic, which debuted at last weeks’ Google I/O does a respectable job. From HTML to full-screen API, take a few minutes to travel through the web’s wild history.

Wondering why your Twitter account isn’t ranking well in search engine results? SEOmoz offers some suggestions about what URL you should be linking to.

And finally, Washington, D.C. was ranked as the 14th best city in the world to live in by, higher than any other U.S. city! Although they clearly didn’t factor in heat waves into the rankings….

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