Friday Facts from RepEquity

Friday Facts from RepEquity

During Facebook’s first earnings call on Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Sponsored Stories generate $1 million in revenue each day. To date, the Sponsored Stories are the site’s primary “social” ad product but during the call, Zuckerberg stressed the necessity of making all of the network’s ads more social.

This week SEOmoz released a new feature called MozCast, which shows recent Google algorithm changes a weather forecast format. The hotter and stormier the “weather,” the more changes to Google’s algorithm in the past 24 hours. Check it out!

Even though U.S. marketers spent upwards of $3 million on Facebook brand pages in 2011, a recent survey shows that customers who want to learn more about a product or service are more likely to visit a company’s website than its Facebook page (81.1 percent to 19.9 percent respectively).

Social media advertising and spending numbers continue to break records every quarter. In 2012, revenue from social networks is predicted to grown 43.1 percent year-over-year. It is believed that sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will generate a total of $16.9 billion in income this year and some predictions show social media revenue growing to $34 billion by 2016.

Do you often find yourself wanting to scroll back through your old tweets? Soon you may be able to. Twitter is currently working on a project that will give users as access to an archive of their tweets (and the messages could be downloaded to a user’s computer). However, being able to search for something specific in past tweets is a long way off; as of now, the site’s search box only shows results from the past seven days.

Talk about the ultimate branding project! A small, medieval British town called Shrewsbury recently underwent an entire rebranding project. “The key thing is not to try to compete with cities,” said designer Dan Bernstein. “It’s a beautiful old place, but it’s also got a busy theatre, an art gallery and museum opening in an old music hall next year and great little shops. This is a place where people live and work, so the pattern had to be confident and modern too.” You can learn more at Fast Co. Design.

Should Google, Bing and Yahoo worry about Facebook becoming a search competitor? Not at the moment. While Facebook has made it public that the service is working to improve its on-site search engine, Director of Engineering at Facebook, Lars Rasmussen, said “I can’t predict what will happen in the future but I don’t think it will make sense for us at this stage to even begin to think about doing web search. Google does that so well.”

And it’s finally the opening day of the 2012 London Olympics! Did you know that more tweets are being sent about the Olympics each day than were sent during the entire 2008 Beijing Olympics? Wow! Search Engine Land has a great roundup of Olympic resources online so you can still work and stay up-to-date on your favorite Olympic sports or competitors over the next two weeks..

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