Friday Facts from RepEquity

RepEquity Friday Facts

We talk a lot about website optimization and optimizing sites for mobile searches, but this week Search Engine Watch posted a great piece on how to optimize apps for higher rankings in the App Store. While it includes many of the basics, like paying close attention to the app title and naturally incorporating keywords into the description, it’s a facet of SEO that shouldn’t be overlooked!

With Facebook’s recent struggles as a publicly-traded company and increasing market saturation, some analysts have wondered how much staying power the social network has. According to a recent survey conducted in Ireland and the U.K., 77 percent of respondents believe that Facebook will still be around in 10 years and 25 percent believe that it will be even bigger than it is now.

We often report on events that break Twitter’s tweets-per-second record, like Beyonce’s baby announcement or Spain’s winning goal in the Euro 2012 Championship game. While Tuesday night’s debate didn’t quite reach the level of those events, tweets per second did spike to 2,615 when moderator Jim Lehrer quipped “Let’s not” to Mitt Romney’s request for another topic. It was enough to set the record for most tweeted-about even in the history of U.S. politics – a record we can only believe will be broken in the near future.

Can you believe that nearly one-seventh of the world’s population is active on Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that the social network had reached one billion users! In other news, Google+ announced last month that it has reached 400 million members with 100 million being monthly active users.

So far only 8 percent of top brands have switched to the new Twitter profile designs. Twitter followed in the footsteps of Facebook and Google+ in giving members the option to customize their page with a larger branded image in addition to profile picture. Is this a sign that header images aren’t as popular as social networks would hope?.

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