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Google Victorious in Recent Class Action Suit

Recently, some people took exception to Google’s targeting of ads to Gmail users and filed a class action lawsuit suing Google for the violation of privacy. Google is able to offer Gmail for free because of its robust advertising revenue source. In fact, Google earned more than $50 billion in ad revenues in 2013 – an impression 16% increase over 2012. The Google Display Network, the largest display media network in the world, is successful due in part to the large number of publishers in the network and its targeting options for advertisers. More targeted ads receive more clicks, which pleases advertisers and results in more revenue for ad publishers. To help serve more targeted ads to users, Google automatically scans the content of emails for keywords that are used to display relevant advertising across the Google Display Network.

RepEquity Blog | Gmail Ad Example

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RepEquity Brings Home Two Telly Awards

At RepEquity our goal is to create compelling work that exceeds our client’s expectations and business objectives. To be recognized for that work is the cherry on top. So we were thrilled to learn that we received two Telly Awards for excellence in online video creation.

The Annual Telly Awards, now it its 35th year, showcases the best work from the top advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. (Past Telly Award Winners include notable brands like NBC Universal and Sony Pictures Television.) Entries are judged by a panel of more than 500 accomplished industry professionals, who are all previous award winners themselves.

RepEquity competed in the newly expanded online video category with two motion graphics videos. The first was created for a small business coalition to encourage action on Internet sales tax. The second was created for an enterprise software company to announce the launch of a new product. RepEquity created and executed the script, storyboards and animation for both videos.

We are thrilled to be recognized for excellence in digital media and look forward to creating more innovative work for our world-class clients.

Announcing a New Adobe Analytics Plugin: Adobe Analytics for WordPress

RepEquity Adobe Analytics Plugin

Here at RepEquity, we know analytics is an essential component of any digital effort. As users of Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst) and the content management system WordPress, we saw an opportunity to improve reporting for WordPress users.

Thus, we are pleased to release a new plugin that integrates Adobe Analytics tracking into WordPress-powered websites.

Adobe Analytics for WordPress makes it easier to enable custom pageCode for Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics for WordPress provides those who are trained and familiar with Adobe Analytics implementation with a highly customizable tool for pageCode management.

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Using Adobe Analytics for Organic Search Keyword Reporting

With Google now limiting access to organic search keyword referral data, advertisers who use Adobe Analytics can no longer rely on Adobe’s standard natural search reports to identify the keywords that visitors use to enter the site. While Adobe Analytics still reports natural search terms from Bing and other engines, the gap left by the excluded Google data is significant and not usually covered by data from other sources.

The following sample Adobe Analytics natural search report is filtered to show only Google referrals. Notice that more than 80% of the organic search referrals are categorized as ‘keyword unavailable,’ and data is provided for only a few specific keywords.

Adobe Analytics Keyword Unavailable

To work around this limitation, Google recommends using data from Google Webmaster Tools, internal search, paid search and web analytics, including landing page popularity and traffic flow. To approximate the data in Adobe Analytics, you can use two reports: the Internal Search and Paid Search reports.

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Looking Ahead to Drupal 8: What to Expect

Drupal 8's Killer Feature | RepEquity Blog

There is much to be excited about the 2014 release of Drupal 8. Upgrades included in this version of the open-source content management system will benefit just about everyone, including marketers, content creators, developers and ultimately website users.

What’s new?

This version, which will come more than three years after the release of Drupal 7, is a step forward in modernizing and maturing the software. Drupal 8 has more than 1,600 contributors – nearly double the number that contributed to the previous release. Drupal 8 includes roughly 200 new features that improve accessibility, the content authoring process, search engine optimization (SEO), and asset management. The new version will also bring Drupal up to current standards for delivering web content.

With so much change, I’m often asked: What is Drupal 8’s killer feature? What will Drupal 8 do that we can’t live without? The answer depends on how you use Drupal.

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